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07 July 2030 @ 12:00 pm

if you friend me, please drop me a line from where we know each other or where you found me.
i'd like to know the people that read my entries.
19 September 2007 @ 12:21 pm

i really should thank poetrytopose for her huge picspam of gaspard <333
though i have seen many of them already..that post pretty much made my morning xD

and as much as i hate to admit it...he's so cute with is gf. edit: apparently now ex-gf?

P.s: where did my motivation from yesterday go? xD
but i slowly can't find anything to do anymore that helps me procrastinating?
my room is cleaned
the dishwasher isn't finished yet
no new updates on ONTD
no new updates on my favorite ffs
no new mails
nothing new on DLS

i guess i really have to study then?

edit: oooor i could work on getting tags on my posts? xDDD
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22 July 2007 @ 03:55 pm
well, after a long time i actually post something in this journal? so this here is kind of my introduction post
and a hello to whoever actually reads this ^^

so welcome to my journal =)
i'm still not entirely sure what all i'm going to post here.
but i think thoughts, curent events and maybe even graphics will be part of it.

i guess that's it for the moment? :)
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